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The office slut is usually has no ability to perform office work. she does however look the part. She works out so her body is impressive, her hair and nails are always done. However when she opens her mouth to speak you realize she is a complete idiot. She will be given a permanent position at the office quickly even though she can barely read and write properly. She usually is sleeping with her married manager boss or whoever else she can have sex with to advance her career. Other office workers usually hate her and she is shunned by most male workers for fear of loosing their jobs if the manager sees them talking to his fuck toy.
"DB is the office slut. She has only worked here two years and has been screwing one of the managers since the first week. For her efforts she was soon promoted and she still can't do her job, but she'll never be fired.
by hardworking non hottie April 15, 2009
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A typically young and flirty co-worker that flirts, or sleeps her way through her life, friends, and jobs. often times she is unable to actually do her work, and is only hired/promoted because of her looks. she is able to keep her job because the older married boss likes having something to look at, flirt with, do something with, or have sex with her. When she does inevitably screw-up she isn't yelled at, unlike her homelee, modest, mature co-workers, but she is gently "talked to" and almost tutored like a child in order to help her "get" her job because she is the dumbest P-O-S screw-up to ever walk the face of the Earth.
when Nicki demanded that Ryan fire VALERIE due to her shitty attitude, poor attendance, and inability to do the job right; Ryan (the boss) was hesitant because she was the "office slut" that he liked to flirt with. they argued for almost an hour, people walking by Ryan's office could hear Nicki yelling at him to fire valerie.

eventually, Ryan gave in and both of them had a private meeting with Valerie the next day. when Valerie learned that she was getting fired she cried, and poured on the "sob story" of how she was dumped by her lame boyfriend, and how she is homeless. not only did Valerie end up keeping her job, but by the next week she was promoted because she was fucking the boss.
by angry co-worker October 24, 2007
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A woman at an office job that fucks and blows every guy she works with and probably carries more diseases than brain cells.
"that hoebag karlyn is the biggest office slut in the world, i heard she got caught blowing Bryan in the washroom by the boss but didn't get fired because she blew him right after."
by _) () $ (-) May 22, 2005
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Every workplace of any substantial size has at least one official office slut. She will let any coworker do anything he wants to her anyplace and anytime, regardless of age, race, looks, or marital status. She dresses, acts, and talks like a slut. She is usually herself married.
Kathy is the official office slut where she works. Even though she is in her 50's almost every guy there has fucked her at least once. She even let a couple of 19 year old interns fuck her in her car during lunch. She always wears short skirts and thigh highs so the men have easy access to her shaved pussy and tight little asshole. Everyone knows she doesnt wear panties because Kathy gives the men a peek whenever she can. All a man has to do is call her into an office or bathroom and she bends over or spreads her legs exposing her slutty wet pussy and ass. Kathy begs them to fuck her hard and call her a dirty whore as the pump her and fill her with cum. Almost every day she goes home with jizz dripping from both her used fuckholes. One time she got caught letting the black janitor fuck her married white asshole in the basement. She was bent over with her mini skirt flipped up over her sexy ass.
by btld September 21, 2007
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One who is continually & unwillingly fucked over in the office.
The office slut got fucked in the staff meeting by the office nazi, while everyone else kept quiet.
by sore ass June 01, 2007
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