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Verb. A slang term originating from resembling the act of one's self or another being engaged in any type of action, energetic work, activity, or constant motive that never seems to come to a stop. This can have a negative or positive connotation, depending on context, such as describing a person who is constantly coming up with mind-blowingly creative ideas, or perhaps someone just out of control or acting weird.
A break from an activity or action would resemble that of a commercial break on television thus the term "He's off the commercials"

Adjectives: off the shits, on some other shit, geeked up, doped up, on a tip, trippin.

1. Student #1: Man this teacher hasn't stopped going on and on about linear equations, he won't take a break.
Student #2: Yea bro he's off the shits
Student #3: That boi Mr. Wahnon off the commercials for real!!!

Bro #1: Aye bra you seen Christopher's post's on Instagram bra? He's looking swole bra!
Bro #2: Yeah bra he's been hitting up the gym with Gabe lately, you know him he's never not at the gym I heard he hits the weights like 3 times a day!
Bro #1: Trueee! That boi is off the commercials for real!!!!

Frat boi #1: Wtf did you guys give Zuriel? He hasn't stopped break dancing he looks like he's having a seizure all over the floor for the past 3hours!
Frat boi #2: Normal reaction giving him a little wiff of some coke.. don't worry he'll be off the commercials eventually.
by AssMucus April 12, 2017
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