The day the hottest people were born... inside and out. The best kissers, funniest, smartest, and most crazy people were born on this day. Some may define them as perfect.
“Was she born on October 5?”

“Yeah, why?”
“Look at her! She’s got it all! She’s perfect.”
by Ereika Courstaneria October 18, 2019
National food day. Eat as much food as you can!! Food is the best thing in the world so why not make a whole day all about food ?!
National Food day; October 5th

Today is national food day ! I’m gonna sit around and eat goldfish ;)

What would we do without food ?!
by October 5 October 5, 2017
National sans day. a whole day when you speak like sans
person 1 - hello

person 2 - ua du ada dua du
person 1 - oh right its october 5th
by xXTheRandomGamerXx October 20, 2019
Only the most sexy people are born on this day, if you know someone non in this day don’t let them go there hot
“Your sexy were you born on October 5th?”
by MetalLogos November 5, 2019
National pick up a chair and throw it day
Jimmy:Hey bro what you planning on doing today?
John:Bro it’s October 5th dumbass
by Dumbass69420 October 24, 2019