National gay day, on this day anything goes, which includes that one homie who's lookin extra thicc
"Lemme clap them cheeks Gerald" "I'm not gay tho" "don't worry its October 4th"
"What's that supposed to mean??" "It means I'm about to get some cheek nigga"
by //-Yung-Tragic-// October 3, 2018
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The god himself Kadin Mekhi Clemons birthdate
Did you know we honor a god on october 4th
by The_god_himself October 3, 2018
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national slap an incel day! this holiday started in 1066 after a women named kelly clarkson got annoyed at king henry the eighth for calling her a dishwasher. its the most well known holiday ever and is frowned upon if one does not participate.
girl 1:'brads been posting misogynistic shit all summer but todays october 4th! hes dead.'
girl 2:'finally'
by bugs123 October 1, 2020
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The best day of the year because it’s the birthday of the nicest girl . She’s pretty, funny, smart and don’t forget sarcastic. Happy birthday for then girly!
Ruby - wait is it your birthday today

Hermione - hell yeah it is baby!
Ruby - omg we must be friends it’s October 4th
by Crumpfartmaster September 27, 2020
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