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a lonely loser creep who writes definitions on urban dictionary to vent about a woman who left him. Makes it look like he dumped her when the truth is she left him a long time ago after she realized what a broke bum he was. Has now developed a sick obsession and cant let go of the fact she dosent want him anymore. This guy thinks he was in a relationship with this person but the truth is it was nothing at all and she felt sorry for him.
Never befriend a pathetic loser, he'll start thinking your his 'girlfriend' and become an ''obsessed ex boyfriend''
She never loved you, get it through your thick head.
Stop wastin your time and move on
by Madhatters November 28, 2006
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A boy or man who can not move on with his life without checking with you a million times to see if you are interested. Also includes internet stalking, stalking, keeping tabs on you, hang up calls, text, IM's, and more. He may try to convince you his suicide attempt was your fault. This may end up in various attempts to split up current relationships and lots of drama.
After 13 years an obsessed ex-boyfriend tells you that you were always his.

Gets jealous of any relationship you have.

Repetitive attempts for a booty call.

Calls your other ex's or current other by bad nicknames that he determines at any time.

Calls friends for info on how you are.

by Cinci girl March 06, 2009
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