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Some one who is so taken in by obama they have lost the ability to think. A person who is showing the first signs of brain washing.
The obamoron swears obaman will eliminate the trade deficit.
by wjc May 28, 2008
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A complete political idiotic moron that has the belief that Marxisim is somehow a GREAT ideal althought it has failed EVERYTIME it has be tried in the past; Those who blindly march to the belief in Obamy the Messiah's "we shall overcome" mentality believing that they will miraculously have a better life by STEALING from those who PRODUCE andrationalizing it all in the name of ALTRUISM!

JUNGO-speak for morons who beleive that Utopia is real and that the so-called "ubercool" Obamy is anything other than a useless tool- FYI - The official icon for the ubertool Barrack Obamy is:
An Obamoron believes that our country needs to be more like communist china or France .... or maybe even the old soviet union ... After all those models have always had such a better political system than we have ... I mean after all any country that STEALS from its wealthy and redistributes it to its lazy useless class is always successful!!!

I mean come-on lets all be altruistic and give to those who have the ambition of nothing!!!!!
by f2drvr July 09, 2009
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