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The obama excuse is used when somebody accuses you of racism in a public area like work or something. For example, an employee named Tyrone feels that he was racially harrased by his fat white redneck boss Ermey at walmart.
The obama excuse is best used to get out of situations when someone accuses you of racism like in a traffic stop.

example bellow
Tyrone: "Mr. Ermey, I am done cleaning the bathroom and pushing carts, what would you like me to work on next?"

Ermey: " How about you pick them "cotton" socks boy?"

Tyrone: "what da fuck?"
sometime later
news reporter: A walmart employee is sueing walmart for 5 million dollars in damages due to racist comments and harrasment by a manager.

Lawyer: " By the holly bible of god, Mr. Ermey Are you racist towards black people?"

Ermey: " Not me, I voted for obama!"

Lawyer: "see ,see your honor, my client is not racist he voted for obama, see!!"

greedy lawyer:"The obama excuse saved walmart once agian in court, yea!"

Ermey: " No way, I voted for Obama and he is black!"
by topmountain August 17, 2010
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