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same thing as central catholic:
- mostly a bunch of privileged white republicans who will never learn any better because they end up at all white colleges and surround themselves with like-minded people
- soccer moms
- filled with locals :o
- marry their cousins
- there are a handful of cool/chill people but for the most part just a bad crowd
"did you see that instagram post of the white girl on the mission trip?
'yeah she thinks she's fixing the whole world'
'she must be from oakland catholic'"

"that girl's spray tan got her lookin like a cheeto... she must be an oakland girl"
by bleepbloop69 May 16, 2018
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A horrible, horrible school in pittsburgh full of cliquey, slutty, bitches; horrible teachers who shove their beliefs down your throat; and a totalitarian administration. Do not send your daughters there unless you want to ruin their lives, as it has ruined mine.
"That girl's skirt is rolled up so much, she must be from Oakland Catholic."
by alcrea November 01, 2011
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