Nuler (noo. LEHR) poetry: A dramatic form of contemporary poetry involving a reversal of traditional structure wherein a rhymed or unrhymed title is an integral component of the overall poetic piece and the title of the poem contains the greatest quantity of content; strictly comprised of no more than one lengthy sentence, which is starkly contrasted by the subsequent poem which is composed of roughly eight words or less. The extreme length of the title characterizes the form and the movement of the Nuler poem along with its linked-linear nature, which forces its overt length and weight upon the substantially shorter, ostensibly lighter poem beneath it. The poem component of the Nuler, however, with brevity, density and substantiality resists disintegration or diminution through succinct core content and striking contrast to its formidable title with which the poem simultaneously and often ironically compliments by sagacious ignition of language and exposure of what lies beneath the surface value of words.

The word "nuler" means to collapse in Hodaoa-Anibo
the African American language created by Kobina Wright.
nuler poetry

She Stealthily Stalks Him While Hiding Behind The Tall Grasses Of Pretentiousness And Waits For The Perfect Opportunity To Sink Her Flesh Ripping Teeth Into Him Like A Cheetah, Without Ever Realizing What She Has Become


by Kobina Wright

nuler poetry

For the Girl Whose Considered Homicide When Suicide Didn’t Kill Enough of the Sticky, Dripping Stuff That Caused Her to Want to Die in the First Damn Place From Way Too Much Knowing That It’s Not Her Own Light She Needed to Erase But the Lifelong Scar of Wickedness Upon Her Sacred Space & Upon Mother Earth's Shame-d Face

To all pedophiles!

by Lisa Bartley-Lacey

From A Crime and a Simplification of Something Sublime
by LuvLiWords June 27, 2009