Get naked, especially to irritate someone of the same sex.
If a buddy is sleeping over, I'll nude up so he won't sleep with me in the double bed.
by jacero10 August 18, 2006
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nu·ded up


1 : not covered by clothing : NUDE
2 : devoid of customary or natural covering : BARE: as a : not enclosed in a sheath or scabbard <a naked sword> b : not provided with a shade <a naked lightbulb> c : of a plant or one of its parts : lacking pubescence or enveloping or subtending parts d : lacking foliage or vegetation e of an animal or one of its parts : lacking an external covering (as of hair, feathers, or shell)
3 a : scantily supplied or furnished b : lacking embellishment : UNADORNED
4 : devoid of concealment or disguise
Well, the maid opened the door and there I was, nuded up. All I could say was 'Hey?'
by 87natty June 02, 2007
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a boob picture but with a bra on and a pussy picture but with underwear on
Hey can u send me a nude -man
No but I'll send a bra or pussy picture with a bra and underwear on-woman
(Cover up nudes)
by Bish u stupid June 28, 2017
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