When a boys dick "usually fuck boys" is smaller than a muffin top
Omg Karen he has such a dick nub
by Boomba boom April 28, 2016
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a term used often by people in the country when surprised or excited.
red neck hoosier 1: I put a new 10 inch sky jacker lift on my truck.
red neck hoosier 2: Dang NUB I didn't know they made that big a lift!
by Ice-finga April 4, 2005
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also known as "wtn", used as an alternative to wtf or wth. created by the one and only anna petertail, otherwise known as "rice"
Person 1: Hey, broseph! I met Mike Posner this summer!
Person 2: What the nubs?
by KRoubs14 August 4, 2011
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