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1.the sword weapon on halo 2, often called the "nub stick" by people who are repeatedly beat down by sword campers

2. a person who has the sword and cannot kill an opponent in close range

3.a smack talk remark when a person is killed with a sword: OOO u just got nub sticked!!
1.player 1 was beat down by player 2


player 2:hehe (continues camping)

2.player blue beat down by player red

red:omfg u had the effing sword u nub stick!

blue: damn.....

3.player X beat down by player Y

player Z (onlooking): HA u just got nub sticked!!
by mah shadow April 22, 2007
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1. A chap who takes away women from a party, with no intention of having intercourse with them
2. A chap who puts womens clothes on instead of off.
"Mike is such a nubstick"
by Crimsoneer July 06, 2006
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