A really nubby peerson or a we-tard.
Zero is a damn nubcakes!
by karl k July 03, 2004
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Word used by Mastashake. in DotA to make fun of people and cause them to become raged.
stfu gay you cant even 1v1 nubcake

dark green is such a nubcake

lawl what a nubcake... nub
by MastaShake June 20, 2005
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A term used to describe close friends who are acting funny, silly, idiotic, or strange. It should be used with caution around people you do not know well.
I called my friend a nub cake when she beat me at Wii Golf. =D
by Cheesebob Puffpants March 04, 2008
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stavros stefan billy and chris suck at online games
when stavros stefan billy and chris all get pwned in the brain by a sniper in call of duty 4.
Stefan"we are all nubcakes."
stavros "i know we are nubcakes."
Billy "but i am the biggest nub cake"
chris "ya u definatly r"
by stavros o February 07, 2008
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