To be given nutrients and energy. To be revived. To have thag lust fulfilled.
Watching a hockey game. Player gets checked onto the glass, “damn, nourish me daddy” as in- damn boi you like it rough, take me home! Give me some nourishment! Nourish me daddy!
by Faye1214 February 08, 2019
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Nourishment. means to achieve alignment within the 10 Laws of Nourishmental Balance. The 10 laws of Nourishmental Balance explains how to create harmony within our emotional and physical way of being alive. The 10 Laws of Nourishmental Balance can be broken into: Emotional Balance, Mental Balance, Spiritual Balance, Nutritional Balance, Leisure Balance, Earth Balance, Energy Balance, Physical Balance, Self-love Balance, and Relationship Balance. When we are able to nourish our bodies we then will find balance amongst all of these laws, creating harmoney within our internal and external experience of life.
The 10 Laws of Nourishmental Balance has helped me understand what it means to find balance in all areas of my life.
by Jourdyn Patterson May 04, 2021
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Nourish with love, nourishment for the community with a major focus of sustainability. affordability and love, Prepared by health conscious and earth aware chefs. Served by a conscious collective of amazing and loving people.
The planet can afford nourish with love
by Naturelle1 April 26, 2021
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When you are hitting it from behind and you feed your lover cheese puffs.
"I was horny and in the mood for a snack, but thankfully my lover pulled the nourishing Karl out of his bag of tricks!"
by Karlito grande June 27, 2019
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