one of the only places in the south shore that isnt composed of a bunch of bloated headed pricks. everyone is rich and pot is very abundant and literally the only thing kids do. everyone knows everybody and no secret can be kept.
by jesusjesus696969 October 26, 2011
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Norwell is a town in mass, near hanover and hingham filled with a bunch of skanky ass girls, and a fuck load of guys that think they are all bad asses, which in all reality they are not, they are pussies. All of their mothers are whores that enjoy anal beatings.
hey bro, want to go to norwell?
nah man, their mothers are whores that enjoy anal beatings.
by chadwick626 May 04, 2008
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A rich town in Mass. where everyone likes to light it up and drink before dances. Hanover kids gets jealous because their town is next to it but sucks in comparison.
Norwell Kid: "Man, I love it here, THANK GOD I don't live in Hanover!"

Hanover Kid: (in his mind) "FML...HE'S RIGHT!"
by SomeCohoKid November 06, 2011
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A south shore town thats Way south of boston.
Kids in norwell think they are a big Druggie town but BULLSHIT. Just because you have two kids in your grade that smoke pot does not make you a druggie town!
No one calls norwell "the Well", cuz thats just Gay.
No one in Norwell is anywhere close to Ghetto, so get over yourselves.
No on in Norwell is Nothing but a bunch of White kids.

Until you have expierienced Southie, brockton, Matthaphan, Dorchester , Jamacia plain, Milton or East Boston, you have N0 RIGHT to say you are a "druggie town"
^NORWELL?^ no..
come to the City & see what Ghetto, drugs and drinking *really* is
by irishmoflow November 09, 2011
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Referencing yourself or using your own medical history in an academic writing about the Human Papillomavirus
Stevie: Dude, do you think I can Norwell this essay?

Jeff: Why not?, your ball sack is pretty fucked up...
by Phillipt* September 08, 2011
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