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The snotty, arrogant, elitist, bitchy attitude that ALL the residents of Northern Virginia possess. Northern VA residents think they are better than everyone else on Earth, and they want you to know it. They go out of their way to talk down to anyone that they consider "inferior", and they love to make those people feel like scum. If you do not have a college degree, or work a blue-collar job, you do not exist to a NORVA resident, unless they can belittle or demean you in some way. Also, the Northern Virginia Attitude is the extreme rudeness and air of superiority that NORVA residents display at all times, in all places that they go. You can always tell when a person is from Northern VA, no matter where on the planet they happen to be. The person with the NORVA attitude values money over substance any day. The most important things to them are the cars they drive, the McMansion they live in, the money they make, and how they can show other people that they are better than they are.
NORVA resident: Oh my GAWD, look at that girl who is taking the bus! She should really go kill herself since she isn't driving a BMW like I am!

Regular person: Well, she may be taking the bus, but at least she has a soul...unlike you!

NORVA resident: Yeah, I sold my soul for my McMansion..but I'm STILL better than that loser!

Regular person: Umm, how long have you lived in Northern VA?

NORVA resident: Like, my whole life! Totally!

Regular person: I can tell, you've got the Northern Virginia attitude down pat. If the terrorists DO attack, I hope they bomb Northern Virginia first. It would be no big loss.
by KaiserinAmanda August 30, 2007
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