Alternative version of "hung like a horse," or to have a large penis. A reference to viking days - Norse vikings were legendary for the size of their endowment.
as she made sweet love to vladimir the viking, she remarked that he was hung like a norse
by Mange Storstake January 10, 2005
seeming indication of confused street signage e.g. when approaching a traffic rotary or five way intersection.
don't backseat drive, please- i'm in the NORSE RUNE ONLY LANE. if i nauthiz from this lane i'll invite the cops as well as destiny. i'm trying to invite glory and wisdom by flipping a wunjo at the rotary.
by lexicali slim September 23, 2009
Inserting a horn from a Viking helmet into someone Anus.
My rectum is bleeding from Norse pegging.
by Gingersnappers October 31, 2022