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(n.) Normandy Beach, NJ is a little shore town neighboring lavalette and is only about 10 blocks long. This town is known sometimes for its parties. The demand for a house in this area is very high therefore the town is filled with rich suburban families. Most of the people in normandy are locals however "rentors" are often called bennies. The towns largest money making industry i would have to say is kaboodles, the ice cream parlor. try getting ice cream around 10 at this place, the line is 30 minutes long. yeah... its that good.
The people in this town are all amazing and the beach is always gorgeous. summers in normandy beach are they best, you have to believe me on this one
how do give an example of normandy beach?

-they party
-they have fun
-they sleep until 2
by Rosemarie August 12, 2006
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Bunch of rich snobs with their polo shirts,long hair and "surfer" tans, who get whatever they want from their parents, and think they are actually known for their parties...
To Know Normandy Beach look up kinnelon or ktown...
by Britany Waldron April 27, 2007
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