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Norking is the ancient art of not really working while giving the illusion that one is productive. Norkers, or experts in the field, meet regularly to refine this skill - and are covetous about acquiring new techniques (rarely shared of course.)

You can instantly spot a norker in the crowd. They tend to be giddy happy - and rarely talk work!
In at 10:15 today. My daughters have a two hour delay this morning. I'll be in after taking them to school. Just finished the last breakfast and now norking from home until then.
by Paul Laibach February 05, 2004
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Norking usually involes cream buns or some type of bagel connected with paste. To nork is simply the sound one makes when munching happily on a pastry filled with jelly/fruits/ or often, love. Used in its verb form "to nork" means to swip quickly at the pastry's creme-filled center. So it is possible to use it in a sentence as follows:

"Well, I was making alot of norking sounds when I heard my friend asking if I was eating his cream bun and I quickly norked the cream dripping from the edges of his bagel before he saw me."
"Nork nork nork..."
"What are you doing?"
"I'm eating a canole."
by ukraine May 28, 2005
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Norking by defenition is an overload of the senses such as loud music, vibrant colors, and an excess of social interaction.

Also like an adjective to describe something very fun
I was out of it because i was norking all night.

Or That party was norking.
by Alex Norkus January 21, 2006
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