The act of mid-day sex prescribed to induce a power nap.
My wife is home and I have a long lunch so I think I'll take a Power Nooner.
by YoMomAnDems October 15, 2016
n. A person with whom you share sexual relations, specifically during your lunch hour.
"You're not stressed anymore! What did you have for lunch?"

"A Nooner-Buddy"
by Andrea T. June 28, 2006
A word cheaters use in Bananagrams when they have too many vowels and don't want to take the trade-in penalty.
I drew too many vowels, and so now e-nooner is a word - it's like a nooner ... but online.
by bananahands5 November 23, 2019
It's a wedgie at noon. Something an uncle does to his nephew to be a daily a**hole, that makes your underwear go right up your backside, slamming your poop back into your rectum.
Man, my Uncle got me again with another High-nooner. My underwear tore me a new a**hole! Opened me right up!
by Pudge from Brockton, MA February 13, 2021
To have sexual relations (midday-ish) on or in proximity to a green circle rated ski slope
My wife and I pulled aside for a nooner on Giggles when our kids were shredding it with the ski instructor elsewhere
by Wowne December 16, 2017
Placing (making) a booty call between 11 am and 1 pm

(related to the Jobbie Dawner - the early morning booty call)
A Jobbie Nooner is the best lunch ever; just ask MOCO!!!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 12, 2009
When you do such a dank whoolie on your motorcycle that the front tire point straight up hence “nooner
Kyle - “I busted a mega dank nooner right by that cop and as soon as he lit me up I dropped a gear and dusted his ass”

Tod - “sure dude, now can you finish your work you’re still on the clock”
by Professional squid September 25, 2020