Male or female genitalia, especially refering to sex.
I can't wait to pound your nooners. OR You're making my nooners swell.
by nooner patrol January 5, 2005
The name given to people when they are seen by people performing a nooner.
Hey I saw the nooners again today in the garage in her toyota.
by dag2008 July 11, 2008
Popping a wheelie on a motorcycle or dirt bike. Dank nooners are typically wheelies that are at balance point.
My friend popped a dank nooner today down the highway.
by ScoobyS August 21, 2020
A term for popping a wheelie, usually on a motorcycle, and usually performed by a motobro. Not as dank as a fat ass nooner.
I'll be rippin fat nooners all over town soon as I get my gixxer
by Nig downtown J-dubya February 7, 2017
When you text your significant other and state that you want to put their vagina in your mouth
Hey Heather, it’s Tuesday . You know what that means? Time for your Tuesday nooner.
by The nooner knows February 8, 2021
A huge annual midsummer Friday afternoon boat, booze, beads and boobs party on Gull Island on Lake St Clair, Michigan. Back in the 1980s the auto industry used to hire a bunch of contract designers known as "Jobbies" since they would jump form job to job for an extra 25 cents an hour. On a hot sunny day, they would sometimes leave at noon (pull a nooner) and take their boats for a cruise on Lake St Clair.
Hey, are you blowing off work to go to the Jobbie Nooner?
by steveweree June 25, 2010
When one uses ones lunch hour to pursue solo sexual activity; aka the guy wanking in the stall or being Jackie Wang in the parking lot.
Mike says "Hey Ron, want to join us for lunch?"

Ron replies "Nah, I'm having a nooner for 1 while looking at the HR pic of the new receptionist."
by The Darling Darkling March 2, 2010