A No-No refers to a perfect game thrown by a pitcher in baseball. NO hits, NO walks. It is commonly misused to refer to a no hitter in which walks were allowed.
Roy Halladay threw a No-No in the 2010 postseason. He is still a loser for being a Philly though.
by Baseball Expert May 08, 2011
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Categorising not permissible
Those are all definite no nos, such as do not comdemn, do not insult, do not gossip, do not judge, do not belittle, do not antagonise, od not criticise.
by Hercolena Oliver December 18, 2008
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nono is a fourm that you can chat with others, it also is a place for people to disscus game and animation
I go to nono board and find some white yesterday
by secret February 26, 2005
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1. a gay word that someone uses when they have no idea what they are saying
1. POURYA ......"Kock my i go to the bathroom" KOCK...."no no"
by Pourya Zandi December 11, 2005
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