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an expression you say when somebody says they're going to do something. if they don't do it, you get to hit them
A:I'm going to make a sandwich!
A:*Doesn't make sandwich*
B:*Hits A*
by MistahShizzle April 27, 2010
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A phrase called after a story to imply that there is no exaggeration, lying, or one-upping occurring.
Brenna: "I drank so much last night I texted every person in my phonebook telling them how much I loved them."
Lauren: "I got so drunk this one time, I woke up with a lesbian humping my face. No butters!"
by GatorBaiter December 11, 2011
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Not bending over backwards for a bitch or a dude. Not sugarcoating anything. Pretty much not giving a fuck about someones feelings. Treating that person like a complete slampig.
Girl from last night: "hey, i had alot of fun with you last night, :) we should do that again sometime. would you want to go to the movies tonight?

The dude: "No. I actually dont want anything to do with you, i was just really drunk last night."

Girl: "Omfg. are you kidding me?"

Dude: "Dead serious. NO BUTTER!"

Kanye West to Taylor Swift. No butter.
by Local831Lurker March 15, 2010
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1. A mixture of "I dare you" and "You're full of shit" native to the Garlic City
2. A challenge issued wherein the subject must complete a task they threw out sarcastically. If they do not finish the task, they risk being punched.
3. Something your asshole friend says when they know you're joking, want to see you fail miserably and want to hit you for it.
A: Yeah, right, I'll totally ask that chick out.

B: No butter, dude. You have to do it.
by This one guy you met one time November 27, 2016
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A guy friend of yours who gets no sex. Acts stupid when he's drunk, High or just plain acts stupid. Does dumb stuff to get attention and is successful at it.
BIG A is the biggest No Butter I know, when he goes out he carries a bookbag everywhere.
by CrickZ November 06, 2006
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