"A term commonly used in Oakville Onatrio. acronym for What are you saying?. Is grammatically incorrect in most cases however it shortens the phrase from 5 syllables to only one."

One of the originators of "ways" has helped this phrase find it way to Belleville, Ontario. In most cases it is used while being accompanied with a cali wave and sticking your tongue out and shaking your head a little.
Ways tonight broooooo (with cali wave and tongue out)

Ways man! last night was radical, bomb, soo not custyyyyyyy!
by braeds12345 January 19, 2011
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Literally translates as "The Way" in multiple languages.

The Eight level process of becoming a Bro.

The Brotestant will move up in the Brociety by following the demands and requests of the Bromeister. The Brotestant must complete or perform Broquests of extreme Broism-as determined by the Bromeister. The Bromeister is the Bro, the Brotestant is trying to become "Bro's" with.

1. The Brotestant will begin as Brocunt, the lowest of the low.
2. Brojangler
3. Brojewsef
4. Brojosef
5. Brosef
6. Bra
7. Broski
8. Bro
Me: Shit, how are you still a Brocunt, the lowest of all the levels of The Way? I'm almost a Bro you Fundafag.

Brocunt: I'm trying...Don't be such a Mcfaggatron.

Me: Whatever You Brocunt, just finish your Broquest and v-punt that ho!
by TTRR26 October 17, 2010
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the only proper response when someone says "no way" to your assertion(s).
'Dude, my pops confiscated my stash!'
'Dude, no way!'
by Sam I Am July 28, 2003
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When something shit ass happens to you or fellow certified beauty's mostly brothas straight from da hood
Someone faps to a goat... that ques you to say, “there is no way!”
by Harold/Harrison December 04, 2017
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