Also known as Ashton Apolinario, is a Clinton, N.C. rapper. He is most notably known for his song "Lyle, You're Really Done Now", and his other hit single "Groupies". The "A" in A-Way stands for Asian. A-Way quite literally means Asian-Way. A-Way is also a civil-rights activist and is looking to find a cure for Hella Timers.
Josh: "Have you guys heard that new A-Way song?"
Lyle: "Yeah bro, that song is fire!"
by Yung A-Way December 15, 2019
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An amazingly talented pair of brothers that were once in a band called 'My Cemical Romance'

(Gerard Way & Mikey Way)
by MikeyFuckinWay September 03, 2015
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Expression used in mock-disbelief. Synonym for:
Wow! I don't believe it! Really?

Generally meant as an expression of delight, but occasionally also used to express shock.

See also: no way
"You won? No ways! That's fantastic!"

"She shot him? No ways, man, when? Is he dead?"
by Xaviana December 01, 2003
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The term used to give recognition for something that is handled in an exceptional manner.
Person 1: i bought my mate a stripper last night and he freaked out and wouldn't take it.
Person 2: What did you do?
Person 1: fucked her on his behalf.
Person 2: That's the way!!!!
by SenorChang December 25, 2011
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Utah-speak for hella. "Hella" is hella better than "way".

syn. Hella, very, totally, extremely, etc.
That car is way cool!
by Mr. X November 05, 2004
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When someone talks or brags about something so much, it makes you want to shoot them in the face and it then becomes the only thing you can remember about them.
Person A
Wow gas is expensive these days isn't it?

Person B
Oh well I just bought a hybrid so it's not so bad for me. I mean I barely fill up anymore. And since I have a hybrid and I can drive in the carpool lane
too. Yeah having a hybrid is so great I mean I can do so much more with my hybrid.

Person A
Oh my god, by the way... I have a hybrid.
by Judas Inmee April 11, 2008
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