Usually said by Mexicans.Meaning fool.Its not recommended to say to Mexicans,unless you plan on getting your ass jumped.
Mexican- "Ay way, que onda?"

Translations- "Ay fool,what's happenin?"
by Cata Gutierrez June 23, 2006
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An emphatic YES. When something that seems impossible, actually DID happen. The counter expression to No Way.
Person 1: "Those people survived the Ebola Virus? No Way!"

Person 2: "Way."
by yes juanito yes August 30, 2014
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Parodied in YTMND, "No Wai!" is a sarcastic expression of disbelief in something that is obvious.

Commonly associated as a response by the O RLY owl (who says "O RLY?") after someone says "YA RLY," conversations end in a mock tone.
(Cloudy weather outside)

"Dude! It's going to rain today."
"O RLY?"

by Illiderin April 12, 2006
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Used to mean that nothing can be done about a particular condition,because it just has to be that way and one just has to live with it.
Kenny,Kevin,Uriah,Harun,Hayden,Harvey,Jason,Jim,Jamie,Matt,Robert,Bill,Tom,and Elliott may only wear ball caps and winter jackets. It's plain they all would rather wear impressive headgear and overcoats, but they can't, and that's the way it is.
by JMC70 April 01, 2017
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It is too late to run.
Mom:Did you take out the trash
You:Yes Ma’am
Mom:By the way
*Sprinting up the stairs*
by Idon’tevenknowman September 02, 2021
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A VRChat meme that has become a wey of life for Ugandan Knuckles, devil-worshipers, and anime/weeaboo queens everywhere.
by ICRIEVRYTIEM January 09, 2018
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