Penis that is capable of both delivering and accepting sperm; typically attached to both a male and female reproductive system in a single individual. The two-way wiener is the main feature of the external genitalia in a very specific type of Hermaphroditism, in which the bearer may 1.) Become impregnated through penile docking and the acceptance of sperm via ejaculate into the attached female reproductive system 2.) Impregnate the bearer of another two-way wiener via ejaculation of own semen 3.) Self-fertilize and self-impregnate (Hermaphroditic cloning) or 4.) Impregnate a female individual through said seminal release.
Delivery of offspring through the two-way wiener is notoriously painful and difficult, and typically ends in Cesarian section or complete destruction of the two-way wiener. Complete and total destruction of the two-way wiener may result in loss of sexual function and may require a permanent urinary catheter.
by ShakeyBeaver October 04, 2014
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An individual that is so stingy, that after wiping their ass with some toilet paper, they flip it over and use the unsoiled side.
Steve: Fucking Jim wouldn't even loan me five dollars so I can buy a slice of pizza.
John: Well, what do you expect? The guy is a Two-Way Wiper!
by traphouse333 June 20, 2018
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A way of saying where you're from if you're south of it. Just replace blank with your home town or county and you're good to go.
Kernow: So, where ye from then?
You: Up Blank-way mate
by DaveBland October 07, 2020
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too pussy.
Person 1: I dare you to kill yourself.
Person 2: no way i'm going to do that!
Person 1: lol gg ur way scared.
by urwayscared November 15, 2018
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Often used when referring to obtaining material from torrents whether it be illegal or legal. It is often used on BBS to avoid the legal implications of referring another to a possibly illegal service.
Can't find the latest copy of Harry Potter? Have you tried the "usual way"
by Aroe Entee December 03, 2007
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When you go the wrong way and own goal in a game, or simply just stuff things up yet again.
Wrong Way Adam came about when Adam decided to continually own goal against his own team, furthermore making small mistakes which make you lose yet another game... Don't be an Adam
by CLurban September 11, 2021
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