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i) Used to gloat about a victory over another person. Similar to shouting "Owned" but a much harsher term. Originated in the Docklands. Insinuates that you beat them so badly that it was the equivalent to dropping their kecks and dry riding them.

ii) Anal sex without lubrication, almost always a denied request
i) You see me kick Keif's arse at football last night -- NO LUBE!

ii) Fancy some "no lube"?
by The Spike February 21, 2007
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The process of burning, dissing, on constant bantering on the xbox live game: Gears of War. usually ending with "All up in that ass. NO LUBE" which was first used by Ryancola.
I just wanna FUCK that tight asshole until that shit is loose! No Lube bitch! straight from the man: Ryancola.

This ' No Lubes ' was just taken from a live interview with Ryancola.

by Alias Arget February 23, 2008
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