the most annoying thing to say after a sentence.
its even more annoying when they say it and its not even homo.
do people really feel the need to remind themselves/others that they really arent homo anyways??
dont say it kids; its stupid.
insane person number o1: max is 'coming'... no homo.
sane person number o1: okay whatever, youre a freak.

insane person number o2: i love you... no homo.
sane person number o2: thats not homo. i know were just friends!
by imaloopynutjob March 20, 2008
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Phrase commonly used in bodybuilding forums to express "I am not a homosexual". Normally follows a seemingly homosexual quip or compliment to reassert one's heterosexuality.
1. Your progress with your current training program has made you ripped! (No homo)
2. You look pretty good, but I would work on those abs. (no homo)
3. I would like to be inside you. (no homo)
by StevieQLe August 09, 2008
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Usually said after a statement that could be interpreted as homosexual.
by DieNHel August 08, 2018
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A formal phrase said to bros during a seemingly gay act to clarify that said act is not gay.
Example 1:
Bro 1: Hey bro, can you shave my balls?
Bro 2: Nah bro, thats mad 'mo
Bro 1: No homo bro
Bro 2: Oh alright then

Example 2:
Bro 1: Baby, baby, baby oooooohhh
Bro 2: Bro, are you singing Justin Bieber? Thats mad 'mo bro!
Bro 1: No! No homo though.
Bro 2: Oh alright then
Bro 2: *Joins in*
by nuclearwinter February 27, 2014
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When you say something that sounded unintentionally gay.
John: I want to see your dick. No homo
Friend: What the fuck?
by Cerixem August 14, 2016
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A phrase uttered after 5 seconds of the performance of a homosexual phrase or act to the negate the homosexual nature of the act. This rule is negated if the testicles touch.
Guys cuddle.

Guy says no homo.

All better.
by superhetero626 February 01, 2010
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A phrase added to the end of a sentence used to redeem a particularly homosexual phrase.
I'd really like to fuck that guy in the ass, no homo.
by Mary Bathory November 11, 2007
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