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A phrase used to show that your intentions are pure, though what you're saying is pretty creepy. Be careful who you use this one on. Should NEVER be used to try to fix a creepy statement... unless you're trying to walk into an awkward situation for humor purposes. Should be used to accentuate a very obvious creepy statement even further. Almost always used by men toward cute women. lots of times on social networking sites.

In some intsances, interchangable with "no hetero."
#1: Hey kelly, good show, I love your band, happy birthday last week... no creepo. also, how's your dog sunnybear?

#2: (on a social networking site) Sup? I found you on the search and you're really cute, no creepo.

#3: woman: How's this dress look on me?
guy: mmm.. I'd hit it with soap in a sock. No creepo/No hetero.
by bigskinnyjohnson August 08, 2010
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