Someone who is of exceptional importance (especially celebs)
Person 1: I have no idea who you are.

Person 2: Actually, I'm kinda a big deal.

Person 3: It's true, he has 78 followers on twitter.
by elrobino May 01, 2009
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When two guys are dating the one with a larger penis is considered the "big deal" in the relationship.

That's the only big deal about being gay, so stop being such homophobic morons!
Edrik: You remember the movie Chuck and Larry? Do you think Chuck was the "big deal" or Larry?

Alexandra: I don't know but Chuck was the sexy fat one right?

Bella: Nah I think that was Larry?

Edrik: Whatever, it's not a big deal. But I still think Larry was the "big deal" in that relationship!
by Venuman October 19, 2011
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A woman, possibly from Sherwood Park, that is of divine beauty inside and out, making all others around her extremely jealous.
Heidi is totally a big deal!

That girl is totally a big deal around here!
by Doctor Totalimmortal August 09, 2009
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You have two cows. One is shot, the other is stolen.

This is a big deal.
L1: Holy shitsworth, that dude just swiped my last mofalkin cow!!!

L2: Big deal.
by Chris from Vancouver August 06, 2006
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When someone has an ego and thinks they’re something but they’re not, they’re a big deal.
Have you heard of scott sheppy? he throws 85 mph, he’s a big deal!!!
by cook a clock November 21, 2019
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