A really biased, possibly the most biased british magazine ever. It has poor writers, and if one person in the whole company doesnt like a band, they will constantly talk shit about that band
According to NME.com, 21st century breakdown is "prawling, obvious, über-commercial, stoopid punk-pop album that might just stop five million American idiots from voting for a war-mongering Republican baby-slaughterer when they grow up."

What a bunch of cowshit.
by bobbyfishface February 23, 2010
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A corporate-shitheap/music-magazine that has redefined the indie genre to mean "Commercial shite."

Full of bad journalists, drugs, and indie kids.

NME doesn't allow you to have an opinion. So don't try. NME is always right- according to their "editors" a band is amazing, or utter shite.

a) I buy NME every week! I'm a mindless indie kid!
b) NME reckons The Twang are the next Oasis. ER WTFS?
c) Thou shalt not read the NME. (Dan le Sac)
by Gerwyn May 24, 2007
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acronym for "narcissistic myopic egocentric," used to describe an individual who exhibits narcissistic, myopic and egocentric traits. Pronounced like the word "enemy."
Q: How many NMEs does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Just one, but they have to wait for the whole world to revolve around them.
by Neonietz March 25, 2015
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Need a monster to clobber dat der Kerby? Well, NME has got you covered. They have a wide variety of monsters for just that reason. Even if you don't need one, by the time you're done talking with their salesmen, you'll sold on whatever it is they're trying to sell you.
We own NME so much money that they be sending tax collectors after us.
by Your right hand man March 8, 2019
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NME is the indie bible. Consistently brilliant journalism and the best source for discovering new music.
by Findrie August 7, 2005
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A great magazine with mostly indie music in. It's not like Smash Hits as it has decent music in. It's been running for over 50 years and people of all ages read it. In other words it's not just for 11 year olds trying to be cool. It's till seen as a bible to the music lover.
It stands for New Musical Express.
I buy the NME every week!
by QueenOfThePixies March 4, 2006
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Someone who solely bases their music tastes on whats hot in the nme and calls themselves indie, then typically writes all these bands on their myspace in an attempt to be new and cool rather than backcatoluging through other genres of music.
favourite bands include: klaxons, hadouken!, the young knives, metric, les incompetents, vincent vincent and the villians, and any bands that havent quite reached the mainstream yet, but are publicised in nme. usally dont own any of these bands albums but have downloaded one of the tracks from limewire. generally doesn't buy any clothes unless their from topshop/topman.
person 1: AH raw have you heard the new young knives song!
person 2: Shup you nme indie!
by Atomic Face December 4, 2006
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