Guy 1:“We in the NM$ gang”
Guy 2:oh okay we cool now
by Longmonsta D March 31, 2019
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Means “Never Mind the Scandal and Liber”. It was first used by fans to express their good wishes to their idols.
Kris Wu NM$L❤️!!!
by Dr.Enzo_Lee July 31, 2018
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NM$L,a symbol iterator which is flexible feature in various phase contact to a big Chinese star Sun Xiao Chuan.We can use 'NM$L' to diss someone who you think him just like a brother.we can also understand it as abbr of 'never mind scandal liber'.
NM$L,i am your old brother,we all your mon's son,your mon is dead.
by mughal ding August 1, 2018
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The abbreviation of "Never Mind Scandal and Liber". In China, fans use this phrase to encourage and support their idols.

Originally the phrase is abbreviated as "NMSL", but this abbreviation is censored by some websites. Thus, people replace "S" by "$" and reform a new abbreviation "NM$L".
Fans: Kris Wu we love you, Kris Wu NM$L.
by #111 August 12, 2018
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when someone is trying to explain smth to you but you don't understand, so they give up cuz they are done with you
person: hey do you wanna go to that concert?
person1: concert? whos? when ?
person: taylor swift. tomorrow.
person1: oh but I have a project due tmrw and I think I can adjust but--(bla blah blah)
person: nm, I should have stfu
by myeongli December 6, 2021
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NMB or NM is a part of Miami where kid have more money than people with jobs and real niggas come out of there
Nmb or NM IS THE Toughest city in dade
by Nmb or nm September 25, 2018
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Tatum is home to fuck boys and hoes who think their cute but in reality look like 50cent hookers and strippers not even worth a dollar so you throw pennies . They all have some type of std since the schools so little everyone fucks everyone like double dipping but instead triple dipping. And the only reason why all the sports players play so good is well.. because they do coke before practice and before their games/meets. The whole school does coke like it’s their drug. They also act like their bloods because their school color is red lmao pretty funny I even heard they shoved someone in a closet because he said he was a crip. I would like to see them in a real gang fight.
Person 1: hey do you know where I can get coke and hoes?

Person 2: go to Tatum, NM and ask the first person you see to snort a line of coke off their dick or pussy and they’ll let you fuck them right after.
by Alex niagara Smith February 26, 2019
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