a common use fot the word bitch only edited for television uses.
I'm rich nitch I'm a real big tymer....Mannie Fresh
by Barbie November 07, 2004
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Another way to say bitch in younger/less open company.
Did you hear what Kelly did? She's such a nitch!
by DragonAthletics March 25, 2015
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A black witch, a necromancer, a darksider.
The Soviets convinced the free world that they no longer existed and continued their anti-freedom operations using their nitches.
by theexorcist January 11, 2010
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What Iijuin Enzan is
Enzan is a nitch, nitch!
by Rec Asiakoth March 19, 2005
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What Rec Asiakoth is
Calling Rec a Nitch means you don't want toa ctivate the cuss filters :P
by Enzan March 18, 2005
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