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A beautiful loving girl, if you date her it will be the best thing that has ever happened. She's shy, smart and has big boobs. Loves her family and friends. She is cute, loveable, hugable, amazing and everything. Once you get to jnow her, she's really talkative honestly. She loves to joke around and she is also very funny, she might not thing it but she is. She calls people she knows names for example: Asshole, Asscrack. But its in a joking way. She's the best thing in the world. One day without her is like one day with nothing and no one around you. She gives out compliments like, "you're funny" and other things. She smiles at you if she is interested, well to my experience. If she likes you than I think she would act like this, "OMG he is soooo cute!!". She also might think that she is ugly sometimes, so just think in your head ( or say it to her), " Your the most beautiful thing I've ever seen" and she'll reply with a smile or saying "Aweee thanks", and once you hear that that will just make your whole day.
"WHAT your dating a Nireilys?!?!, LUCKY!!!!!"
by Some_Guy_You_Know March 12, 2017
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