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a nipple junkie is a person who isn't just fascinated by nipples but they are addicted to them. A nipple junkie is generally a poor person(sometimes homeless) that dosent do anything throughout their day unless it involves getting their nipple fix. Nipple junkies can get their "fix" in multiple ways. The most common way is for the junkie to place a hard nipple in between their two front teeth and as the nipple is locked in place the junkie vibrates his or her tounge until the junkie has recevied their full fix. A junkies maximum fix level could be anywhere from 6 to 21 gocks (gocks are used as a way of measuring energy received by a nipple). There are countless other ways for junkies to get their fix and recieve just as many gocks. Nipple junkies are usually relaxed people even if they dont have their fix. Nipple junkies have their addiction revealed usually when their victims wake up and are having their nipples molested.
i fell asleep at the bus stop and i woke to a ravaging nipple junkie with my hard nipples in his eye.
by cpajg December 30, 2010
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