Nintendo's new "revolutionary" console which supposedly will change the gaming industry with it's 4 buttons for gameplay including the nunchuk attachment (look up a picture on a search engine), arm-aching motion-sensing technology which requires a steady hand if one doesn't want to make an un-wanted move, and clever marketing scheme which involves describing any potential competition as "focusing on graphics, not gameplay".

In reality, Nintendo is focusing completely on non-gamers to make money in the console business, while targeting "core-gamers" in the handheld business. They do not "love" their fans. They want to make the system appealing and attractive to those who wouldn't normally play video games, thus, the die-hard fans will find a severe lack of fun to be found. Any dispute about this is not valid, as only a handful of people outside of Nintendo themselves has played it.
Iwata: "It's designed like a TV remote because that's familiar to everyone including those who are intimidated by a two-handed controller. Its intuitive form allows both experienced and new gamers to stand on the same starting line."

Translation: Screw you hard-core gamers! We don't need you; we're targeting a larger audience! Our Nintendo Revolution controller will be simple and inviting for those who don't play games often. Go give us your money through our numerous hand-helds!
by Revhalewshun April 14, 2006
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the new (supposedly) gaming system for nintendo which i hate! (*.*)


go ps3!!
go xenon
NOOB:are u going to get the nintendo revoution?

me: dude no im going to play runescape!
then play my ps3!!!!
by shawn im so kool April 12, 2005
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