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A skeezer. Always plotting and scheming. A trick ass hoe. A thief. A leech. A slore. A deceitful, two-faced, female predator of low character who pretends to be 100, disguising herself as honorable, while she selects married men on which to use and manipulate; feeding her selfish ego. This fake skank hoe assumes, with fraudulent intent, the character of a good woman so she can prey on and use good men to support her selfish and irresponsible lifestyle. She will also use her children or get pregnant if she has to just to get what she wants because she knows what kind of low-life, worthless trash she really is; knowing it’s the only way to keep her claws in someone after they see the real Niki Trull.
Friend 1 - Girl, did you say that Niki Trull is leeching off your neighbor?!

Friend 2 - Yeah, I heard she a skeezer but she seem nice.

Friend 1 - Be careful, that manipulative slore will steal your stuff and whore herself out to your husband for a dollar!

Friend 2 - What?! No way, ha ha.

Friend 1 - For real girl, she is straight trash and sucks dick just for a ride to da store!
by Da Real 💯 March 28, 2018
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