The shoe company that was made famous by Pre. not MJ. The shoes uses a waffel cone tech that gives it a light but very soft feel. Nike also makes the worlds best Running shoes.
hey thoes are the best shoes on the market. Are they nikes?
by Runner December 12, 2006
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A good sneaker...as in one who sneaks around a lot without getting caught.
Person 1: Damn that guy is a nike. He just stole that shirt without getting caught.

Person 2: A what???

Person 1:You know a Nike! a good sneaker my man!
by Escobar Cesar 100 January 06, 2010
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What you say to someone who is being a pussy.When NIKE is said, you should automaticaly know "Just do it"
Kid's sitting there like a pussy with an egg in his hand, but he wont throw it.
Friend: Nike! God damn.
by JonnyC April 15, 2005
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The Nike missile family was named for the mythical Greek goddess of victory. The Nike was the world's first operational guided anti-aircraft missile system. Planning for Nike was begun in 1945 at the Bell Telephone Laboratories, the same outfit that built the nation's long distance telephone system. The Nike missile system was deployed around all major US cities from 1959 to 1974.
The Nike-Ajax for the first generation missile system. The Nike-Herucles was the second generation system.
by Sam Stokes December 04, 2004
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1. The best brand of shoe ever worn by all kinds of people worldwide. Hopefully thogh Nike has stopped using underprivliged children in less fortunate countries!
2.When someone won't do something that you want them to bcause they are b'in scared asses, then say "Nike" because their slogan is "Just do it." So Nike pretty much means "Just do it."
1. "My boyfriend and I are wearing matching Nike's."
2. " Omi gosh Danny, Nike."
by iknowmyshitakimushrooms June 30, 2005
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Something that can be used to fix a problem, without fully understanding why or how it works. Derived from the Nike slogan "Just Do It".

Originally used by C++ programmers who frequently copy and paste sections of code when they get nonsensical error messages.
I kept getting compilation errors in my code until I added these Nikes and it just started to work.
by Bonnici June 15, 2008
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