when a group of guys have a sleepover and show each other their junk BUT YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH OR USE FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY
Jim: Hey Fred you wanna have a night at the museum?
Fred: Yeah but only if we go to the child's exhibit.

night at the museum gay wiener junk sleepover dudes exhibit no homo
by bromosexual4life December 30, 2016
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Night at the Museum is an awesome movie (there are actually 3 movies) starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Crystal the monkey, Mickey Rooney, Owen Wilson, and more. :)
You’all should totally watch Night at the Museum! It’s completely awesome!
by -MavisGirl May 25, 2018
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A sexual act involving a person with a bus pass. Fucking a Cougar or a Panther.
"It's Grab-a-granny Friday at all branches of Wetherspoons. Come on down and enjoy a night at the museum!"

A:"Where's Bobby tonight?"

B:"He's having a night at the museum with that 60 year old he pulled last week."
by Gasse September 8, 2009
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A study abroad class where you go to pubs and come back hammered for class. One of the best classes you will ever take. 11/10 would recommend.
Chad: "YOOOOO we got Night at the Museum today!"
Brad: "Siiiiiick yo we bout to get hammered!"
Chad: "I love London yeet."
by slamminsammy6969 February 13, 2018
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