a combination of not and jig. to be use in refrence of a person that does not wear name brands or looks fresh. Also kids that think there cool but there really not are nigged. Most of the time white kids are nigged but then there thos black kids that wear fussion and think there fresh but there really nigged.
look at that white kid with the skatebord gear he is nigged.

Look at that black kid with the fussions he is nigged.

Look at that kid with the retro jordans is not nigged.he is fresh

that game is nigged
by migz23 December 24, 2009
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When someone gets owned, trolled, or pranked badly by someone, especially when the prank involves black people.
This word originated from the prank where a person sets his friends desktop as a naked black man. Later on, this term expanded on to include white men as well, and finally it is now a term for general owning, trolling, or pranking.
Original Usage:
Richard: Dude, Gordon, Johsua put that naked black model as your desktop again.
Gordon: Aw crap, that bastard nigged me again!!!

Modern Usage:
*Freddie puts salt into Jacob's coke and then pisses into it*
*Jacob then drinks the coke*
Jacob: WTF IS THIS SHIT?!!?!?
Friends: HAHAHHAHA you got nigged by Freddie, he put salt in it then pissed in it!!
by supamothatroller February 23, 2012
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To have stolen or taked without you knowing it, until somebody has ask for it and you can not find it.
Lionel: "Hey Paul, can i have some of your Fries?"
Paul:"Sure, wait who nigged me?"
by Papa L October 27, 2010
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Something that is bad, not right or unnecessary. Based off the N-word.
My phone stoped working, this is so nigged!!!

It’s nigged how this guy chrashed into me!

She is so dumb, she’s nigged!!!
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by Aussie eshay October 10, 2019
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