Did you see Nicole last night? She was being so ratchet omg. So trifling.
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by aliciasooooicy March 31, 2017
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All Nicole's are different but ALL Nicole's have these basic things......

1.) Nicole's are different then anyone else (In a good way)

2.) Nicole's are always a good friend and loyal to everyone

3.) Nicole's have the best taste in everything except music

4.) Nicole's have a attendance to good school grades

5.) Always there for her girls and her homies.

If you don't know a Nicole its your loss
Person 1 She is such a Nicole
Person 2 I know she is so sweet!
by nonya beeswax February 15, 2009
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A blonde bitch who is known to be the biggest cunt in the world. Never trust a Nicole because you will not have a good life.
Nicole is such a lying bitch!
by Baseball-Babe September 07, 2014
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pretty much the most awesome person you will ver hope to meet. many people try to be as balla as nicole's but in many cases to not suceed.nicoles are pretty awesome and pretty much the greatest thing sience...EVER! many people hope to be nicole but never are because shes a ballaholic!
nicole ur so damn awsome i wish i was you!
by nicole is pretty awesome December 07, 2006
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A girl who doesn't know how to keep her hands off another girl's man. She also sexually harasses guys too... She's also said to have the flattest ass.
Nicole just stole that girl's man!

That Nicole girl doesn't know how to keep her hands off of other guys...
by ladytimelord September 08, 2014
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A Nicole, usually fucks bitches, and gets lots, and lots of money. She spends her time with her homies, and usually does drugs, but not a lot of drugs. Most nicoles end up a teen mom, but gets through with the help of her homies and drugs. She is usually nice, mostly a bad ass bitch. Sassy, boss, and prettier than the fugly sluts.

you're welcome.
"Hey jill who's that boss ass bitch? she is such a Nicole"
by Aniicoleeeeeeeeeeeeee November 01, 2013
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