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A "comedian" who resorts to offensive and shameful jokes about sensitive subjects in order to create buzz about oneself. Not to be mistaken for an actual comedian, but is instead more similar to a "view-whore"or "troll".
Look at that, another Nicole Arbour video. I wonder who she's trying to offend this time.
by emdmdmkijgoirjt October 23, 2015
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Fat shaming, blonde haired, dumb ass Canadian bitch that thinks she's famous cause she was with Matthew Santoro saying he was promoting himself around her ... he's got millions of subs she's got like 2.

The epitome of shit.
Did you see Nicole Arbour's latest video?
Nicole who?
The fat shamer...
No I haven't...who again? Never heard of this bitch.
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by The Local Sanwich Maker June 13, 2016
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