the amazing team consisting of the stars-brees, bush, thomas, porter, vilma, and many more, which has won the 2009-2010 super bowl vs. the indeanapolis colts, 31-17. there was much irony in this game, in that archy manning, the manning brother's father, was the quarterback of the saints for a while, so they grew up in new orleans, and that the quarterback of the saints, drew brees, went to pardue, a school in indiana. the colts started off strong, with a 10 to 0 lead, with 8 first downs to the saints 1, but for only the second time in superbowl history, a team came back and won from a 10 point deficit, and a quarterback threw for 32 completed passes. go saints.
yes man!!! new orleans saints won the superbowl!!!!! marti gra early this year!!! woooo!!!!!!!!
by couldnt think of a pseudonym February 8, 2010
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A form of oral sex provided at an Asian massage parlor.
The New Orleans Saints suck more than an Asian massage parlor.
by wnynot November 29, 2015
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WHO DAT?!?!??!
The New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl! WHO DAT?!?!??!
by (:)}+< December 20, 2010
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Absolute chokers in the playoffs. Allow 30 yard TD's with 7 seconds left
The New Orlean Saints choked a 1 point lead against the Vikings in the playoffs
by cancercakes January 15, 2018
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Undeserving football 2009 super bowl champions team filled with a bunch of fucking assholes who think they are good, like Reggie Bush(when he was on the team).
They won a super bowl in 2009 because the league gave it to them. Yeah I can build up a shitty team to within my city and win a Super bowl if the league gives it to me. The league thought that because of hurricane Katrina, The New Orleans Saints should get a super bowl to help rebuild the city. even though those assholes still haven't done a damn thing to rebuild they're city. The saints are byfar the most hated team in America after they were given that superbowl. Anybody who watched the NFC championship game in 2009 knows damn well that that game was rigged.
John: The New Orleans Saints are complete assholes


John: fuck off they suck.
by suckitasshole December 23, 2011
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The most undeserving superbowl football winners ever made in the NFL. they are a bunch of assholes who pay refs to put calls their way and win games when they really just suck ass. How about that 2009 NFC championship game against the Vikings? don't tell me that wasnt a rigged game, A pass that was clearly on the ground counted as a catch, a pass interference call on chad greenway when he never touched the pussy reciever, but the ref called it anyway because he was payed. then a 4th down run that was reviewd and the guy fumbled the ball and they gave it to them anyway. in other words, the New Orleans Saints are the most hated team in the NFL and they should burn in hell with their faggot ass coach.
Me: anyone else see that NFC championship game last night?
friend: yeah it was so rigged sean payton is a stupid bitch who can't honestly win a superbowl.
Me: ik fuck the New orleans saints
by suckmydryballs November 3, 2011
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An anti-American NFL team who strictly discriminates against women. Plays into rape culture by allowing a double standard of letting football players be able to do/say whatever they want with women meanwhile forcing the women to stay silent.
Woman: "Hello, I --"
New Orleans Saints representatives: "Do not speak unless you are spoken to, you are only a commodity."
by Dr. Dickshlapo April 6, 2018
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