A very addictive virtual pet website. This website is freakin' awesome. You can create up to 4 virtual pets and costomize them by choosing their name, color, species, and more. Neopets has a lot more activites besides taking care of your pets. For example: guilds (A fun pirvate themed club that you can own or join. You can post on guild the board or take part in activities that your guild has. You can only make/own one so choose wisley), shops (buy fun items with your nps), games (earn nps to buy items), more games, games, and a little more games, boards, private messaging, and sooooo sooooo much more!
Create a account a start the fun today!
by TheGreatDaftOnes July 27, 2005
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A fun, online game where you create a pet, play games, and participate in many other creative, interactive activities.

--- Just to make it completely clear, they do NOT senselessly freeze you, the boards are NOT overrun by 7-year-olds, and they are not way overcommercialized. Yes, they have advertisements; the staff have to get money somehow. Yes, they can freeze someone if they are doing something wrong.

But stop saying "neopets used to be c00l but now it is for l0zers who have no life. they freeze everyone and it is overrun by n00bz" That is a LIE, only people who seriously screwed up and got themselves frozen say that.

It is a fun game if you have some spare time.
Person 1: neopets is fun
Loser 1 (the guy that TRIES to act "cool" and says what everyone else says): no its not it's for losers
Person 1: Fine. You can think that, while i go off and have fun playing neopets.
by heyitsthesaneone February 22, 2008
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1)A stupid internet game site thingy that is completely for nerds so that they can feel cool talking to other nerds.

2)A place where you can be a totally different person without anybody knowing

3)Something really retarded and homosexual
Person #1- I was totally owning the nerds on neopets last night

Person #2- Dude, you are one of those nerds
by Gargelshmack December 03, 2008
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Neopets was created for UNI students way back in the 90's. UNI students couldn't own pets, so how about a virtual one!?
Over the years, many websites marapets have actually copied the site. I love neopets. Its fun when you are bored, and great for hand eye coordination.
I dislike people who hate neopets. I love it. And many people do as well.
Marapets: Come on friends, lets go and put a costume on our pet! The look great when they are drawn by 3 year olds!

Neopets: We have actually HIRED staff who CAN draw.. so sad.
by Marapetsislame April 26, 2007
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neopets is a virtual pet website created by Adam Powell and Donna...muha...Adam really like Aspargus Chia's so if u look up his account (borovan) then u will see that he has 5 pets instead of 4. on this site you try to keep active and make your pet feel the way it should be felt and to make neopoints to help u buy items such as battle items, food or other collectables...u also get secret avatars which some r almost impossible to get...for instance the Adam Powell one...must match his NP with yours....over 11,000,000....wow! har har....it is fun

out of 10 i giv it 13
fun, exciting and sometimes stupid
by fargus! January 18, 2005
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Neopets is an insanely addicting virtual pet website. Even though it's full of ads (ever heard of the AdBlock Firefox extension?), it's still fun. Yes, there are n00bs who beg and scam, but GUESS WHAT? You can report and block offending noobs, especially those who beg/scam/harass via Neomail. Think you got hacked? You were probably looking at online porn and a keylogger sniped your typing history--and maybe your PIN, too! And as someone mentioned in an earlier entry, the faeries are a bit scantily clad...but so is Tinkerbell and Ariel The Little Mermaid! In fact, TNT )theneopetsteam is being quite appropriate compared to Disney. Keep it in perspective, people. And guess what? I've never been frozen for posting on the NeoBoards. The only people who get frozen are nublets who spam/harass/cheat/etc. You can chat on the BDC (BattleDome Chat) and have reasonably intelligent conversations with the people on the "restock and chat boards". And as far as the randomness of the current restocking system--patience grasshopper.
A typical Neopets noob neomail looks like this,Hay, i lost everytin, wut u help me.Gimme ur trades.Or like this,I kno away 2 get 1 bil nps quickie. gimme ur pw n email.
by darthdenali May 22, 2007
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