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A black male who wears skinny jeans of bright annoying colors, fake raybans with clear lenses and wears neon colored high toped shoes. They also like to claim that they are "a jerk" and they say they are "geeked up". You can spot them at the mall randomly jerking out of no were. the like to wear rosaries as well as other dangely objets. the come in the form a an extermly busted negro behind you in public. They are normally spotted in packs and gangs. You can smell them when they are coming, they normally smell like cheap dollar general cologne, or lotion. The usually shop in hot topic, pac sun, urban outfitters, and american eagle.
Shopper1: Who is that with the skinny jeans, ashy skin, neon green shirt and knock off raybans?

Shopper2: I dont know but he looks like a Neon Negro From New York, ew.
by Poodle Face January 09, 2010
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