Not to be mistaken with "fail excess skill point wasters". This word is derived from professionalism to the Nth degree.

The might and firey nature is unparalleled in any given situation. Legendary status with a side of you just got pwned.
Person 1: You have less skill points, but you keep winning.
Person 2: I'm Nekoe and you're not.
by OriginalJoker July 3, 2011
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Japanese for cat. This word has been overused by the Wapanese and the fanboys to describe a girl they tried to date, who unfortunately rejected them because all they ever talk about are their favorite episodes of Dragonball Z or Hamtaro.
Wapanese: Konichiwa, baby, you look sooo neko neko kawaii that I want your phone number.
Girl: Fuck off, creep! I've got a can of Mace, and I'm not afraid to use it.
by otaku killer August 27, 2003
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A Japanese word meaningcat
Look at that kawaii lil neko!
by gay_balls June 11, 2021
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Someone who is so insanely rich, that they could topple national economies with their pocket change.
I heard that Steve was going to buy that island he was looking at, dude is a total Neko.
by Cousie July 21, 2020
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