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Neighbur creeps (creepers):

Neigholes who pretend to be wonderful people, but in reality, they spy on you, spew hatred and lies about you, and form bonds with other Neighburs to hurt you.

These {Neighbors from Hell will perform small acts that puzzle you, at first, such as entering your back yard and messing with your wind chimes, outdoor lights, move or knock over furniture, allowing their animals to poop near your driver's car door. These creepers can also do hateful acts such as place picture hangers (with nails) pointed into the tread of your tires, or turn on the gas to the grill, while it is covered, without lighting. Creepers hope would be generating a bomb, ignited by the lit cigarette of a passerbyer. These acts can and are hedging on dangerous, but the victim will be unsure whether these were accidental.

The victims do not call the police, simply because the acts are small, meaningless, but over time, these acts are meant to instill fear in the victims, and the hope of the perpetrator is to hurt the victim by 1) creating health issues via stress or 2) cause the victim to move.

The acts of creepers can be serious. It is suggested that if you encounter such small random acts of hate, immediate install hidden security cameras. Your only help, if you need to contact the authorities, is keeping a list (date and event) of the activity and having backup photos or video.
The Neighbur Creeps have planted dog poop bombs by the front door of your car, please be careful when you enter/exit your vehicle.

The Neighbur Creeps are using their outdoor spy camera to film you today.... Be on alert because these creepers have shared the camera's IP address with our other Neighburs and if you are doing anything suspicious outside, Neighbur Creeps will all be home within 5 minutes to do 'at home' Creepo Marx acts of terror!
by passion4Jesus May 06, 2015
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