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A bootleg conversion of a vinyl record to CD or CD-R. Usually taken from high quality special release records released in the 80's, that are not now available.
"Have you heard the Beatles White Album MFSL needle drop?. A million times better than the official EMI release."
by Joe Gritz June 21, 2006
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A DJing technique in which the DJ will cut into and out of the music not by using the fader but by literally lifting the needle up off the record and putting it back down.

Impressive visually and very difficult to do accurately, but doesn't serve any auditory purpose (unless the DJ doesn't have a fader in the first place).
"DJ Craze does a pretty good needle drop."
by the letter d November 12, 2007
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A poor method of attempting to create a recording from an alternative source recording. Often used by resellers who fake analog reel to reel tape or analog cassette recordings by transferring digital or vinyl records back to tape and claiming to new analog is from a master analog source.
I purchase the Pink Floyd R2R, but it turned out to just be a needle drop.
by R2R Master April 02, 2017
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