Needledick - The name of someone who bullies or harasses others out of jealousy because their dick is too small
by Imnotahobo July 22, 2014
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basically a little dickhead. this person will wear a faggy flat-bill cincinnati reds hat every day yet he has never claimed to be a fan until this year. he's not above going blues brothers and wearing his sunglasses at night and he has been known to associate with an "old lady." he's also douche enough to still root for lebron james.
Dude, you're a fucking needle dick
by Berry Blueman October 10, 2010
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When kalob sticks a needle thrue the 2 holes on the side of his horse cock
Person 1: that's a skinny penis
Person 2:that's called a needle dick
by Needle dick kalob May 10, 2020
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